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About Elan

Elan Business Support is led by Ian Blackman.

Ian worked in the Defence Sector for more than thirty years in various Senior Procurement, Engineering and Business Development roles before running a trade association and events management business for a further six years. He has led many business transformation programmes and been an active team member in many others. He has managed teams of more than 20 people and been personally responsible for project and site spend of up to £70 million a year.

Ian was employed by BAE Systems and Finmeccanica for the majority of this time and alongside these employers he has completed assignments for Cranfield University and Rolls Royce as well as assignments under NDA for overseas customers in countries including Korea, Brazil, Peru, Sweden and the Netherlands. His work has involved process and strategy development as well as deep dive practical resolutions 

Ian is a active member of People Per Hour -an online marketplace also referred to as crowdsourcing where freelancers offer their services

He is an Si2 Expert Consultant

Ian is engaged with many business development consultancies including:
In Touch Networks, Think Bizz, GLR, People Per Hour & Schools Supplies Service.

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To find out more about him please take a look at Ian's LinkedIn Profile.


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