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Connecting Business Expertise

Commercial Support

Ian has personally managed multi million pound subcontracts and material procurement. He has a network of many former colleagues engaged in both defence and consumer sectors that can help you with:

  • Supplier Selection –working with Engineering, Designing for Support, preparing to bid, designing for the environment, maintaining environmental compliance, preferred suppliers and components, ensuring competent design records and configuration management
  • Bidding process –generating enquiries, statements of work, bid assessment
  • Supply Chain Management – supply chain conferences, managing core suppliers, programme reporting, vendor performance
  • Procurement Strategy – financial impact on the business, strategic commodity management, cost accounting and prediction
  • Obsolescence planning – working with suppliers to reduce risk, agreeing consequences for failure, managing a risk budget and logging cost avoidance
  • Generating Obsolescence Management Plans – working within a lifecycle discipline and documenting the management of obsolescence, actions and strategies.
  • Business Development (-including International) – securing long term value and contracts, developing an improved service and support infrastructure
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