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ACF Blog- February 2023

A US F-16 pilot died when his ejection seat failed. Was it counterfeit components that caused this?
A recently published US press article has reopened the debate on how prevalent the instances of counterfeit devices are in the US military inventory…. Read More

ACF Blog- March 2023

Reuse or refuse!

For many years defence contractors have considered but not extensively put into practice the reuse of electronics which have already been assembled.

These electronics may never have been used, may be of older technology which is inherently more robust because of its feature size, for example that would make the device more radiation tolerant… Read More

ACF Blog- April 2023

Suspected Counterfeits!

The supply chain crises of recent years led by the covid pandemic, the trade wars between the US and China and the military conflict in Ukraine have created great opportunities for counterfeiters in the world of electronic components, but can we say how big the problem has gotten? … Read More

ACF Blog- May 2023

The answer to reducing counterfeit electronics- or is it?

If we believe that counterfeits only come from certain countries and that we must do something to combat the threat of economic wars, then this action makes great sense. We may address the biggest threat but it would be foolish to think that resolves the problem… Read More

ACF Blog- June 2023

Suspected Counterfeit testing lead times.

It is no surprise that the latest ERAI report confirms a surge in reported counterfeits since many companies and suppliers are still experiencing Significant shortages

Read More

ACF Blog- July 2023

Its really not just China!

When discussing the countries that are at the centre of counterfeiting market it is too easy to blame China alone. We must not forget the sheer volume of electronics manufacturing delivered from China at the request and with the full support of western economies.

Read More

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