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Darren Topley, Managing Director CMCA (UK) Ltd.

n is a highly professional and diligent individual who is adept at finding solutions to difficult problems. He is particularly strong in the area of inter-personal skills; his ability to connect with people at all levels, to succinctly communicate his message, and to encourage those around him to take responsibility is extremely effective and infectious. Positive under all circumstances, Ian is also a very hard worker who never gives less than 100% and always strives to make a difference irrespective of the project he is working on. Whether he be leading a team, or seconded on a project as a co-worker, Ian has the ability to command respect and to stand out from the crowd as a person who genuinely wishes to make a difference and I have no hesitation in recommending him as a consummate professional.

Karen Salmon, Managing Director Force Technologies.

I have worked with Ian since 1990 from when he was with GEC Basildon, through COG, and now to IIOM. Ian has always been a strong supporter of all companies involved with Obsolescence and has been instrumental in many of our initiatives and product portfolio. His knowledge and expertise in the component, software and standards field is second to none and I always consult with him when I need some information. He is very quick to help and share his knowledge and point us in the right direction. He is a great communicator and often gets people to do things outside their comfort zone when they don’t actually realise it. He is amazing at networking and putting people exactly where they should be in order for them to benefit. And he is a thoroughly nice person, one of the Industries genuine people. I look forward to working with him in his role at IIOM and CAWG for many years to come.

Jon Anslow. UK Chairman and Director IIOM

Ian and I have worked together for a great many years now and I can say that he is a very capable person who always gives 100% at all times. I think it’s fair to say that neither I nor the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) would be in the position we are now without his hard work and dedication. I can recommend Ian to any organisation he is very capable of working throughout an organisations hierarchy.

Phil Wardle, Blackwater Innovation Ltd

I have worked closely with Ian since 2015 in connection with both the UK Chapter and International Board of the International Institute of Obsolescence Management (IIOM) where he has worked under contract as Chief Technical Officer. He has comprehensive knowledge and experience at practitioner level and has contributed strongly to the evolution of governance at IIOM as appropriate to its continued expansion on a global basis. I am pleased to be able to recommend Ian as being an enthusiastic and engaged team player.

Nick Graham, Pitch Plus

Ian is an accomplished speaker with a wealth of knowledge, anecdotes & a genuine desire to share with his audience. He authentically transmits his natural enthusiasm, bringing an energetic human touch to a wide range of complex topics. He compliments this with engaging openness and humour.

Jamie Knight MD PSE Strategic Consultants

I have worked with Ian for over 15 years and have always found him to be professional, dedicated and approachable. Ian is well respected across a broad spectrum of industries and with a range of blue chip companies from OEM through to Tier 3 & 4 suppliers. His work within Obsolescence Management and notably COG is again well ecognised and respected in the industry and in more recent times he has been at the forefront of raising awareness of Counterfeit Electronics in the Supply Chain. I would highly recommend Ian to any organisation that is looking to work with a business professional who can operate at all levels within a business hierarchy.

Peter Brooks CEO ESCO

In my rôles within the UK Electronics Alliance (UKEA) and more recently ESCO, I have worked with Ian for around the last 6 years. I have enjoyed working with him due to his enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and reliability – if he says he will do something, he does. Ian has played a key rôle within these organisation both as a member and also as Deputy Chair for a number of years. Specifically, Ian has taken the lead for the work the UKEA / ESCO has been doing on Counterfeit Electronic Components creating a well-respected website / database and annual conference which now together play a valuable rôle in addressing this increasing risk area. Ian is very well recognised across a number of industries / sectors for his work in the Obsolescence Management area latterly with COG and now the IIOM and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business which needs input from an external professional.

Adam Fletcher – Chairman – International Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA)

I’m delighted to endorse Ian as both a personal friend and member of my business peer group for well over twenty five years… Over the last thirty years Ian has developed an exceptional knowledge across the electronic components market and of applying best practice to commercial procurement practice, whilst leading organisational change activities… His management style is quiet and considered, applying drive to complete tasks on time and to budget by consensus and with good humour… The three important personal traits Ian conveys are, integrity, honesty and intelligence… As a result subordinates and peer group partners enjoy working with him and go beyond their normal endeavours to deliver their actions to agreed objectives and thereby further enhancing Ian’s credibility…

Andy Barnes

It’s great working with Ian, as you get a very knowledgeable, connected industry leader, who is fun and enjoyable to sit in a meeting with, or share a drink.  Above all that, Ian is then superbly organised, on time, efficiently runs meetings and delivers above and beyond his actions and services.  I’ve become friends with Ian, since working him, and noticed that’s how all his work relationships have evolved like this, reflecting his character.  Ian is a humble, respected and a capable industry leader in electronics.”

Teri-Ann Winslow

Ian and I have worked together for many years for COG, for IIOM, and on other industry events and opportunities. We have complimentary skills and seem to inspire each other when we get started on something to deliver the best results that we are able.  We treat each other as mentors in our daily work because we know what each of us brings to a conversation and because we trust each other.

Wolfgang Heinbach

I have worked with Ian for the last six years and I trust him to give me good advice on the issues that are happening in industry and which members wish to discuss.

Ian has twice been Chairman of the UK group, communicates actively with the membership, has extensive networks, and can be relied upon to support the Directors and Members in taking the organisation forward in his role as CTO. Ian has been instrumental in the transformation of IIOM from its beginnings as the Component Obsolescence Group.

Ian was particularly helpful whilst I was the IIOM International President.

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